Mature plants are elegant, and even small plants have character. The Serbian spruce has a thin stem and short, ascending or hanging branches on экскурсия на смотровую площадку Москва-Сити and a narrow pyramidal frame. The needles are 1/2 inch to 1 inch long, flat, shiny dark green, with two silver stripes at the bottom. Hanging cones from 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches become glossy, brownish-cinnamon when ripe. Semi-formal evergreen to use as a specimen, but also well suited for grouping in threes or fives. 

Habit: Serbian spruce forms a narrow, pyramidal silhouette with graceful arching branches, moderate density, slender truck.

Growth Rate: Medium 12" to 18" per year in average midwest landscape

Mature Sizes: In an average mid west landscape after 20 years 25' to 30' and 10' to 12' wide.

Needle:Dark green on top, with bands of silver on the underside, 1/2" to 1' long, flat.

Texture:Delicate, simi-soft, semi-formal.

Cones: 1 1/4" to 2" long, pedulous, cinnamon-brown.

Culture: Doesn't like heavy clay, must plant in good topsoil bed areas, must not be allowed to go long periods without water. More demanding than other spruce used locally. Will grow in full sun, but likes some protection from harsh exposure. Will grow in light to moderate shade. (Not less than 4 hours direct sunlight) good drainage a must.

Disease and Insects: Aphids,Borers

Cultivars and Varieties:

Zone:4 to 6.

Native Habitat:Southeastern Europe, Introduced about 1880