The Best Places to Visit This Spring

Many people believe winter and summer are the only best time to travel. However, spring trips definitely give you extra bang for your buck.

In spring, airfare and hotels charges go slightly cheap. Also, the weather is moderate, neither is it too cold nor too hot. At the same time, since majorities prefer summer vacations, most destinations will be blissfully tourists’ devoid.

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Below are the best destinations to travel this spring:

• United States Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands has beautiful places to travel to. Both locals and tourists walk along the St. Thomas Street in celebrations of Carnival the whole month of April.

You can also tour the Fort Christiansvaern as well as Estate Whim Plantation Museum of St. Croix. Also, you can enjoy nature, try swimming, hiking, diving among others in Virgins Islands National Park.

• Douro Valley in Portugal

Douro Valley is another awesome destination over the spring. The place has a pleasant climate throughout the year.

In fact, in Douro valley, the springs arrive a bit early. Thus, March is the best time to tour the area and taste wine, enjoy riding boats, tasting delicious cuisines among many other beautiful things.

• New York City

New York City has very cold weather during the winter as well as extremely hot during the summer seasons.

Thus, since the weather in spring is moderate, it’s the best time of visiting the Big Apple. Also, the place will be cool and not much busy since during springs it attracts very few tourists. This will enable you to be served in dignity with the total respect you deserve.

Holland, Michigan

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