Great Sights Around the World You Can See for Free

Without wanting to take away their prestige from the major tourist sites of the big cities, no one can deny having thought twice before sometimes paying more than 25 euros to visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for example. In the end, it happens that the budget for sightseeing once on site exceeds that of accommodation. That’s why we have prepared for you a list of places to visit for free that will please you for sure! No need to spend a fortune on visits to your next trip

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Despite the fact that this city is one of the most expensive, you can find here completely non-paid attractions! One of the best proposals during a stay in Switzerland is visiting the legendary Lake Geneva . In the city, you can also enjoy free wifi and free bike rental.


Edinburgh Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is famous all around the world, created in 1670. Stroll through this colorful and original Scottish garden is an experience not to be missed and admission is free! You only pay if you want to enter the greenhouses.

Debod Temple, Madrid

The best place for sight-seeing in Madrid is the Temple of Debod. From this spot you can observe I think one of the most beautiful sunsets in the capital without paying. This incredible site is a treasure of ancient Egypt dating back over 2000 years. It is located in Cuartel de la Monta├▒a Park where you will find gardens to enjoy a picnic.

Carmel Bunkers, Barcelona

Enjoy the best views of Barcelona in a completely free way from the Carmel Bunkers, located in the Turo de Rovira, in Guinard├│ Park. Here you will find the remains of an anti-aircraft battery from the Spanish Civil War. Today is a great place to picnic and enjoy the sunset in Barcelona.

Formentor lighthouse, Majorca

Another great place to visit Mallorca for free . In addition to enjoying all the coves and beaches that offer this island, there are also other beautiful landscapes to see as the Formentor lighthouse, built in 1863.

Museum of Natural History, London

Worldwide known museum of history and the various species that have existed. A popular place among tourists. Admission is free, as is the famous British Museum which you should also visit!

Orange Gardens, Rome

No need to pay the entrance to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica to contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Rome. If you want to enjoy the sunset in one of the most romantic cities in Europe, you can visit the Orange Gardens in Rome .

The Roof Gardens, London

These gardens were created at a height of seven floors in 1938. There, you can see the different species and several gardens, including a Spanish garden inspired by the Alhambra of Granada. Admission is free and close to Hyde Park. Our advice is to check the availability on the site because it may be that access to the public is closed due to private events.

Concentration camp, Sachsenhausen

If you want to know more about the dramatic history of the Nazi past, you can visit one of the oldest concentration camps near Berlin. The Sachsenhausen concentration camp is freely accessible; however, you must pay if you want to make the tour equipped with an audioguide.

Getty Center, Los Angeles

Getty Center is an art museum in Los Angeles to visit for its architecture, its garden and the wonderful works of art that it houses. Access is also free.

Car rental 24 hours will be of great assistance while visiting this places. Enjoy!