Great Sights Around the World You Can See for Free

Without wanting to take away their prestige from the major tourist sites of the big cities, no one can deny having thought twice before sometimes paying more than 25 euros to visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona for example. In the end, it happens that the budget for sightseeing once on site exceeds that of accommodation. That’s why we have prepared for you a list of places to visit for free that will please you for sure! No need to spend a fortune on visits to your next trip

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Despite the fact that this city is one of the most expensive, you can find here completely non-paid attractions! One of the best proposals during a stay in Switzerland is visiting the legendary Lake Geneva . In the city, you can also enjoy free wifi and free bike rental.


Edinburgh Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is famous all around the world, created in 1670. Stroll through this colorful and original Scottish garden is an experience not to be missed and admission is free! You only pay if you want to enter the greenhouses.

Debod Temple, Madrid

The best place for sight-seeing in Madrid is the Temple of Debod. From this spot you can observe I think one of the most beautiful sunsets in the capital without paying. This incredible site is a treasure of ancient Egypt dating back over 2000 years. It is located in Cuartel de la Montaña Park where you will find gardens to enjoy a picnic.

Carmel Bunkers, Barcelona

Enjoy the best views of Barcelona in a completely free way from the Carmel Bunkers, located in the Turo de Rovira, in Guinardó Park. Here you will find the remains of an anti-aircraft battery from the Spanish Civil War. Today is a great place to picnic and enjoy the sunset in Barcelona.…

The Best Places to Visit This Spring

Many people believe winter and summer are the only best time to travel. However, spring trips definitely give you extra bang for your buck.

In spring, airfare and hotels charges go slightly cheap. Also, the weather is moderate, neither is it too cold nor too hot. At the same time, since majorities prefer summer vacations, most destinations will be blissfully tourists’ devoid.

When you’re in any vacation, ensuring you have smooth movement from one place to another is vital. This will be possible by seeking services from 24 rent a car for customized and luxurious car hire services.

Below are the best destinations to travel this spring:

• United States Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands has beautiful places to travel to. Both locals and tourists walk along the St. Thomas Street in celebrations of Carnival the whole month of April.

You can also tour the Fort Christiansvaern as well as Estate Whim Plantation Museum of St. Croix. Also, you can enjoy nature, try swimming, hiking, diving among others in Virgins Islands National Park.

• Douro Valley in Portugal

Douro Valley is another awesome destination over the spring. The place has a pleasant climate throughout the year.

In fact, in Douro valley, the springs arrive a bit early. Thus, March is the best time to tour the area and taste wine, enjoy riding boats, tasting delicious cuisines among many other beautiful things.

• New York City

New York City has very cold weather during the winter as well as extremely hot during the summer seasons.

Thus, since the weather in spring is moderate, it’s the best time of visiting the Big Apple. Also, the place will be cool and not much busy since during springs it attracts very few tourists. This will enable you to be served in dignity with the total respect you deserve.

Holland, Michigan

Visit the place …

The Best Travel Destinations of America you can see for free

Touring different travel destinations is a great deal to explore the world. Perhaps it’s the trait of human nature to take adventurous tours. When you’re determined to get rid of the monotony of your life, plan for a vacation and visit amazing places in America for little budget. When you make up mind to explore such great destinations, make to rent a car 24 hour because they’re cheap and reliable.

The following are best destinations in America you can see for free.

Las Vegas -NV

What comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas? Well, this great place must be the first in the list. If you think Las Vegas is all about money, then you’re not far from the truth. It’s the leading gambling capital in the United States. However, it doesn’t mean that visiting this place will drain all of your money. Get the fact well.

Las Vegas is one of the cheapest places you can visit especially on your vacation. Numerous excellent restaurants offer delicious meals and drinks at lower prices. Perhaps this is one of the best vacation spots recommended for couples. The availability of variety makes it suitable for almost everyone. So if you prefer European, Mediterranean, Authentic Asian foods or something else, you can find them outside the strip.


The cost of living in Washington DC is high. But how can you travel places spending little amount or for free? You only need a guide, and you’ll be set. There are mesmerizing places in D.C. that worth paying a visit. Getting access to these places is free of charge. Since most of these touring zones are outsides, you only need a clear guide because Washington DC is such a compact and bust city.

If you like most of the architectural stuff, you can pay a visit to places like Lincoln …

About The Top Places To Visit In The USA On Your Road Trip From Denver

The United States is a huge country created by many states with different laws, cultures, and climates. At this time, you cannot simply visit a place in the United States and feel that you have explored everything that you wanted since exploring the whole United States is something that most people have never done and would like to take many vacations. Firefly rental car Denver will enable you to explore different places while on your road trip to the USA.

For this reason, it makes more sense to visit the hotspots, even if there are many, as well as many places and places that most people would consider “visible”. Again, it would take a long time, but if you are using a multicentric vacation in the United States, it is much more possible. By using multi-center tourism complexes in the United States, you can visit many places in the country during a visit, which means you can be sure that you have seen everything the country has to offer. Here we will see some of the places you must visit during multicentric vacations in the United States.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is something you have to believe in and for that reason, you should see it. It is a city dedicated entirely to entertainment and pleasure, and there is something for everyone. Casinos are, of course, the main attraction, and the walk along the promenade is impressive, even for the most tired travelers, because the hotels faithfully reproduce many of the most famous monuments in the world … only the brightest. It’s not just a game, there are shows, massages, games, shopping centers, restaurants and much more, and everything is amazing. Not far from Las Vegas you will find the incredible Grand Canyon, which is probably the most impressive natural formation on our planet. No one can contemplate its abyss …